Tigerman McCurry is rooted in the Chicago architectural tradition of innovative design and construction. Its two principals -both FAIA- are native Chicagoans. The firm's diverse portfolio includes institutional, educational and religious facilities, 23 museum installations, mixed-use and affordable housing  projects, retail showrooms, restaurants, recreational facilities, industrial designs and over 130 private residences. The geographical scope of this work encompasses 17 states and 10 foreign countries. The firm has achieved Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) status and government recognition as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

Tigerman McCurry is dedicated to the production of an architecture of distinction. In so doing it is committed to the creaton of a contemporary and authentically American architecture that is characteristic of its own time and place. The firm embraces the hybridization intrinsic to American culture that is the inevitable result of the melting pot, but rejects signature architecture since such a pursuit ultimately premiates the author over the reader. Our goal is to produce design excellence innovatively. Design is a process arrived at democratically through collaboration, so that the firm and their clients collectively evolve the work at hand rather than privileging that process for the designers alone. We encourage creative problem solving and tend to select projects that will expand the firms' creative base. Tigerman McCurry has had many "repeat" clients, some of whom have returned multiple times. We credit this to our inclusion of the client in the design process and our recognition of their needs. This quest for excellence covers all grounds: from a 29-story high-rise; from authentic historic restoration to community initiated affordable housing; from a ten-year commitment to assist the emerging country of Bangladesh to uild technical institutes; to a twenty-year association with the Art Institute of Chicago, designing and curating installations as well as offices for the Department of Architecture.

The firm belives in training consummate architects; professionals who understand tha tevery part of the project is of equal importance to the whole, from the first design concept to the last detail. Firm architects design or select furnishings, fabrics and accessories. Each member of the firm is designated a project architect responsible for the development of the entire project from the initial program interview to the final presentation drawings and photographs. Every member of the firm is committed to the challenge of producing excellence and each new project is viewed as an opportunity to do so. This dedication has resulted in a collective body of work of such distinction that, at the request of the Department of Architecture at the Art Institute, pieces of it have been donated and archived at that institution.

The partnership has been the recipient of seven National AIA Honor Awards and more than 120 national and local awards for architecture and design excellence from the Chicago Chapter of the AIA, the Illinois Council, ASID, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record and many others. The work of the firm has been exhibited over 300 times at museums and galleries in many countries including Germany where 60 "Architoons" have been catalogued and are a part of the Frankfurt Museum's permanent collection. In America, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York have mounted several exhibitions including the work of the firm as have the Walker Art Center, the Graham Foundation and numerous others. The firm, individually and collectively, has been published national and internationally, more than 3,500 times. A+U Architecture Magazine even devoted a special edition to the work of the firm. As a Midwestern institution, Tigerman McCurry has established an international reputation significantly building upon Chicago's remarkable architectural tradition.

Tigerman McCurry is an incubator where young minds are nourished and talents developed. Ours is a teaching environment. We attract individuals with unique voices and visions. We hone their skills and stretch their thinking while strengthening their commitment to the profession. We encourage firm members to interact, to question, to challenge and to collaborate - in order to reach a consensus and to create a building that represents the collective energies of client and society. As a firm, we assert a conscious effort to address issues surrounding social cause and environmental and ecological concerns in our quest for design excellence. We inherently believe in designing environments that enhance the psychological and physiological well being of our constituents.